Speech and Language Therapist


"I'm Stephanie, the Speech and Language Therapist for school.  I work with pupils across all ages to support their communication development."

What does it mean?

Speech and Language Therapy service includes an in-depth detailed assessment of your child's communication needs.  During the assessment there will be liaison with parents and class teams, followed by discussion regarding recommendations for development.  These will be recommendations that can be worked on at both home and school.  Where possible individual and group therapy can be offered, however class teams are trained to ensure that therapy targets are integrated across the pupil's day to ensure that opportunities are maximised to enable regular and frequent practice.

What does it entail?

The communication needs of the pupils are individual and therefore the communication support they require is individualised, however areas for development may include:

  • Foundations for communication: awareness, attention, motivation.
  • Verbal communication: words, phrases, specific sounds.
  • Augmentative and Alternative systems: gesture, sign, objects of reference, PECS, communication books, VOCAs, single message devices, eye-pointing (including access to Eye-Gaze technology), or high-tech devices (such as iPads)

How to access this service?

If you would like Speech and Language Therapy input, please contact me directly at school, or discuss with your child's class teacher.