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Update 03.03.2021


Dear Parents and Carers


Full return of schools and testing kits


Testing kits 

You may have seen the Government's announcements regarding the reopening of mainstream schools from March 8th.

Given the numbers involved and the way that young people socialise there has been a focus on encouraging secondary aged pupils to be tested in schools on return and then to start weekly home testing.

This is aimed at trying to detect Asymptomatic cases.

At Humberston Park we are not facing a major increase in numbers on March 8th as the school is upwards of 75% attendance already

Those pupils who are returning will have been staying at home because parents chose to exercise a cautious approach.

We have always said we would respect the decisions parents make about attendance as they were best placed to judge the balance between risk and the benefits of school attendance.

What that does mean however is that those returning are the most likely to have been shielded from the risk of contracting the virus.

The latest GovUk Update for Specialist Settings states that Special Schools will be provided with a supply of kits for parents to undertake twice weekly home testing if they wish to do so. This applies to pupils of over 11 years of age.

The school's staff will also be offered home testing kits.


This is voluntary and no child can be refused attendance simply because they have not been tested.


Where parents opt to take up the offer of testing kits we will explain the procedure and the two school nurses will be able to offer demonstrations and advice on how to apply the tests.

There is also a reporting process to follow regarding test results.


Wearing of face masks

This again applies to secondary aged pupils and the staff that work with them.

The school's position remains that the wearing of face masks in school isn't particularly conducive to the way that staff and pupils interact.

If however individuals have strong views about this they can wear face masks from March 8th with the proviso that they are able to follow guidance on the proper use and disposal of masks in order to avoid them becoming a source of infection themselves.


At the time of writing we have been petitioning for all the special schools staff to be offered the vaccination.

We are being advised locally that this will become the case in the next few days.


Can we ask all parents of secondary aged pupils to contact the school's office if they wish to receive home testing kits.




Andy Zielinski


Humberston Park Special School Academy



Useful information 


Hearing aids

Audiology - Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

Replacement batteries call 03033 304645 for Grimsby or email nlg-tr.audiology@nhs.net

Hearing aid repair, send your hearing aid to the team based at Grimsby hospital along with a brief description of the problem.