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Dear Parents and Carers

Update @ 03.07.2020

Arrangements for opening and attendance of pupils July and August

The school will remain open for pupils until Tuesday July 21st

We will re-open for pupil attendance again from Monday 3rd August until Friday 21st August.

The numbers of pupils returning to school has gradually increased over the last 2 months and will continue to be based on a Risk Assessment approach in collaboration with parents.

From August onward however those pupils who were Shielding because of their medical condition will be able to return to school

We have contacted all families to discuss their situation and their views about attendance across the 3 weeks of provision in August

Some parents have decided to wait until September for their child's return.

Across 3rd to 21st August we are therefore in a position to offer continued provision for all pupils currently attending , all pupils who were Shielding where parents want them to return and places for other children where parents want a gradual reintroduction to school.

For some children that will be part time but we may be able to increase  part time provision for some of those attending currently.

We will be texting parents shortly to confirm their intention for their child to attend across all 3 weeks or only 1 or 2 of those weeks ( e.g. if they have holiday plans or want their child to have a break from school as some have been attending all the time and across Easter and bank holidays)

You will also be asked if its possible for you to bring your child into school or if you need the local authority to arrange transport .

Please ensure that you reply promptly and clearly so we can confirm overall arrangements.

In school we will continue to organize on a unit basis and with similar Social Distancing and hygiene measures to those currently applying.

Unit sizes will need to be increased but will be well below our normal class numbers.

Units will operate separately for break times, mealtimes and using common areas.

The Move team will operate as a separate unit so that we can recommence sessions for PD children in the Physio Hub

Please note however that it is not possible however to maintain social distancing at all times and children will work with different staff members in their unit.

Our all day hygiene schedules have been increased.

If you have any questions about measures in place at the school please contact your child's class teacher.

Where you are transporting your child please abide by the procedures at mornings and afternoons. Your child's unit staff will collect them from your vehicle and bring them to you at home time.

Please note - Current medical advice is to apply a strict rule on children not attending school if they are showing any signs of illness ( not just possible C-19 symptoms ) 

Please do not send in anything with your child from home unless it is essential.

For those parents who are keeping their child at home until September 

Please do contact us if you need any help or support.

Those eligible can continue to receive food vouchers through the summer . Please contact Gemma Rylatt if you have any questions about this.

Since meals are available in school pupils attending part time and eligible for FSMs will only be entitled to vouchers for the days they are not in school

We will be writing to you in due course regarding the Government's announcement on all schools opening for all pupils in September .

In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch.

Andy Zielinski            ______________________________________________________________

Useful information 


Hearing aids

Audiology - Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

Replacement batteries call 03033 304645 for Grimsby or email nlg-tr.audiology@nhs.net

Hearing aid repair, send your hearing aid to the team based at Grimsby hospital along with a brief description of the problem.