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Updated 19.01.2022


Dear Parent / Carer


Covid infections and impacts on staffing


Despite the general fall back in the rise of Covid cases generally the data is indicating that school aged children are the main cause of a continuing spread of the Omicron variant and cases have risen amongst primary aged pupils.

As we advised previously the stage has been reached in certain classes where we no longer have sufficient staff available to operate safely. Our ability to cover from other classes is severely reduced so we will have no alternative than to have temporary closures of classes.

Given the nature and speed of the latest virus variant we are getting very little notice periods.

Staff are also having to cope with their own children having to stay at home from school and not being able to arrange short notice child minding.


We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible if we have to close your child's class.

Where we can we will try our best to provide home resources and keep in contact by phone but you will appreciate that where the majority of staff are absent in a class this may take time . 

You will be contacted as soon as we are able to reopen a class.


I trust you will bear with us over the coming weeks in the hope that the situation will ease across all schools.


In the meantime, it would help us a lot if you were able to keep your child off school if there is a positive case in your household . We appreciate that it is very difficult to test some children but the evidence is pointing to a spread from households into schools where a child may be asymptomatic but carrying the virus because of contact with a family member.


Please also alert the school at earliest stage possible if your child tests positive for Covid.


It is disappointing to us as we've managed to remain open for two years through the pandemic but are forced into class closures now.


Thank you in anticipation of your support during this difficult period.



Andy Zielinski


Humberston Park Special School Academy







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Hearing aids

Audiology - Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust.

Replacement batteries call 03033 304645 for Grimsby or email nlg-tr.audiology@nhs.net

Hearing aid repair, send your hearing aid to the team based at Grimsby hospital along with a brief description of the problem.