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Important update 26.07.2021


Dear Parents and Carers 

Important information regarding Covid cases and protective measures 

You may be aware that over the last few days we have had some confirmed cases of children and staff in the school. 

This meant that two classes and their staff were isolating as at the week beginning the 19th July.  

On the 23rd July we were notified of another positive staff case which has resulted in two more classes having to isolate.  

This is a situation that has been happening across all schools in the area and reflects the high infection rates locally. 

Since all public restrictions have now been lifted we can, unfortunately, expect that more cases will occur. 

We have been in discussions with local Public Health officers who are urging schools to retain their pre-19th July restrictive measures, which we intend to do. 


We were due to reopen for the extended school period on Monday August 2nd but given the current situation we need to take whatever measures are possible to try and protect the school environment . If we do nothing then it's quite possible that large parts of the school would have to close. 


In order for us to sustain safe continuation of the school service, we have decided on the following steps:- 


We would like all staff and pupils to take lateral flow tests regularly but at the very least on Saturday 31st July and Monday 2nd August. 

If anyone tests positive on a lateral flow test they must not attend school and they should arrange for a PCR test as soon as possible  

Any positive LFT or PCR tests should be reported to the school so we can confirm what steps should then be taken regarding isolation and the period involved. 

Parents should email us at bmhpss@hpark.org.uk or if you don’t get an answer by phoning  

Please do not rely on leaving a message on the schools answering service, as this is a very cumbersome way for us to check responses. 



If you do not have a supply of LFT kits, you will be able to collect some from school across the week commencing Monday 26th July.  Test kits can be ordered via 119, who post them to you or you can collect kits from local chemists. 

Where it is not possible for parents to collect/order tests kits we can deliver some but there are a limited number of staff in school so please do what you can to collect them yourself. 


In order for us to evaluate any staffing problems the school will not be open on Monday 2nd August. 

We would hope to recommence on Tuesday 3rd August but we will contact parents as soon as we know of any changes that are necessary 


Staff and pupils should continue to take regular tests across each week and notify us as quickly as possible if any positive LFT or PCR tests occur. 

Longer term across August and to the new school year in September 

Given that there were 1 million children off school at the end of this term, for Covid related reasons, it is looking increasingly likely that the government will be recommending daily testing in schools as an alternative to whole bubbles isolating for 10 days. 

This would present us with major challenges in terms of practical delivery and the time the process would take. 

We are considering introducing sample testing across the age range as a trial in August (subject to parental permissions). This will give us an indication of what the process of testing all pupils and staff would look like. 

It may be possible however to combine sample testing in school with home testing of pupils and staff 


We have been told by Public Health that they expect there to be separate guidance for Special Schools regarding this matter as it is recognised that there may be a number of cases where administering tests to pupils won't be possible. I strongly doubt that we will be provided with any practical solutions to this problem and we are likely to have to live with preventative measures that are not perfect.  

The school is increasing its all day hygiene schedules to reduce the risks of infection by physical contacts 


We have met with Education transport officers to discuss isolation notification procedures, as we were aware that there has been some confusion over the last week or so. We are asking parents whose pupils are transported to school to notify both transport and the school of a LFT/PCR positive case. Transport 01472 323085 or the school on 01472 590645.  Please remember if someone in the household tests positive the whole household must isolate. 


I know that many parents and indeed staff are very anxious about the high infection rates in the area and the fact that this has now impacted on both pupils and staff at the school when we had been largely unaffected over the previous year. 

Our advice is, that where you are able to, please give your child a regular Lateral Flow test and remain vigilant regarding contacts with people who have symptoms or who have tested positive on LFT or PCR tests 

We know that there is huge desire for things to get back to normal but with the surge in local cases we should all remain mindful of the balance between risks and benefit that this involves. This is a developing situation and changes for pupil attendance may have to change at short notice. 

For parents I can confirm that attendance over August, unlike the mandatory 190 days across the standard school year, is not compulsory. 

Therefore, if you choose for your child not to attend for all or part of August you will not be subject to any offences under the attendance legislation. 



Andy Zielinski 


Humberston Park Special School Academy 


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