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The Curriculum

'The excellent curriculum offers the breadth of work and experiences which address the wide range of pupils' needs very effectively.'  Ofsted 2015

The curriculum at Humberston Park School reflects the needs of our pupils with great emphasis on the core areas of:


This includes the very beginnings of communication such as turn taking, sharing, attention choice making and requesting to use sentences to share information and answer questions developing attention.  How a child communicates their needs and wants will differ from pupil to pupil some pupils may use picture and print to communicate, some may use simple switches, some may use technologies such as Eye Gaze, IPads and communication devices and others may use speech.

Cognitive development

This includes early cognitive development such as understanding you can cause an effect and objects still exist though you can no longer see them through to complex problem solving.

Physical Sensory Development

This includes the very early physical sensory development of head control, rolling, crawling, high kneeling, standing, walking through to controlled complex movement of running, jumping, catching, throwing and balancing.


This includes personal independence from such as toileting, eating, drinking and dressing to functional independence skills in the community.

Other areas of our curriculum include:

English - Reading writing, Maths, Science, PE, and Music

'Pupils' engagement with the world and their independence are promoted exceptionally well.'  Ofsted 2015


The Key Stage 1 reading scheme that we use is The Oxford reading Tree.

We do not use a Key Stage 1 phonics scheme. 


If you require any further information regarding our curriculum please contact Andy Zielinski at the school who will be happy to help.