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Values and Ethos

  1. To maximise the individual’s capacity for independent living, their full potential for intellectual and physical development and their ability to act autonomously.
  2. To enable the individual to take an active and positive role in their social environment (at home, school and in the community) according to socially accepted standards of behaviour and to create an awareness of moral and cultural values.
  3. To increase the individual’s capacity for enjoyment through the provision of creative and spiritual experiences.

In working towards these Aims we have a general commitment to:-

  1. The continued development of the quality of the teaching and learning environment
  2. Sustaining high levels of expectation of ourselves and the pupils
  3. Using the school’s resources efficiently
  4. Promote opportunities for learning in co-operative and interactive settings
  5. Presenting challenging as well as stimulating teaching and learning opportunities
  6. Promote close working relationships with other provides and services throughout the compulsory stages of pupil’s education and through the transition stage to further education and adulthood.

In particular when considering learning outcomes for pupils we aim to:-

  1. Promote effective communication systems to express needs, desires, ideas and feelings and to comprehend those of others.
  2. Promote Conceptual Development and Mathematical abilities.
  3. Promote Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
  4. Exploit the individual’s potential to acquire physical capabilities which minimise dependence on others for self care, sustenance, movement and social mobility.
  5. Help individuals to develop personally and socially enabling them to make choices, behave appropriately, form relationships and develop healthy life-styles.
  6. Provide opportunities for the development of self esteem and confidence.
  7. Promote individual’s potential for full sensory, imaginative and creative development through the provision of a range and variety of experiences.
  8.  Promote moral and spiritual development.
  9. Extend and supplement the individual’s natural abilities and interests in sporting and aesthetic activities including Health Fitness ad Leisure activities.

The school is committed to:-

Supportive staffing policies and structures that:

  • meet  the schools’ Aims and Responsibilities and the needs of the pupils.
  • are equitable and value the contribution and efforts of all staff without neglecting the need to recognise different levels of responsibilities and commitments.

An approach to staff Support and Training which:

  • assists individuals to identify their needs, improve their abilities and develop their interests.
  • expects a reciprocal commitment to self evaluation and self development.

These related aims and commitments need to be recognised in the important context of the School Community.

The roles and responsibilities of Governors and Parents should be facilitated by providing access to comprehensive information and opportunities for meaningful involvement.

In addition to fostering good relationships in the immediate locality, collaborative working with the area’s schools, colleges and services should be nurtures and maintained.

The potential for using the community as a curriculum resource should be a fundamental dimension to pupils educational experiences.

The school’s curricular aims, organisation, content and methodology will be regularly reviewed in the light of National Curriculum, general legislative responsibilities and the Local Authority’s policies.