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Sound Tracks - Jessies Fund

Sound Track is an event being held in school over a two week period.   The event consists of a series of workshops led by an experienced teacher of music with expertise in delivering sessions to children with Complex Needs.  Parents were also invited to take part in the workshops with their child.

A bit about Jessie's Fund

Jessie’s Fund was established as a registered charity in 1995 and helps children with serious illness, complex needs, and communication difficulties through the therapeutic use of music. Music can provide a powerful and profound way in which children can express themselves and connect with the world around them. Our work covers all areas of the UK. We aim to:

• enable children in every children’s hospice in the UK to access music therapy by establishing posts for music therapists, providing appropriate musical instruments, and offering musical training to staff;
• help children in special schools and hospitals to participate in creative musical activities;
• train staff in special schools to use music as a tool for communication and learning.


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