School Uniform

In our School Uniform Policy [click here], you will find the policy aims, all things legal including duties under the Equality Act and statutory guidance on limiting the cost, and any expectations we have regarding uniform.

We do have a uniform but…

the requirement to wear a school uniform at Humberston Park School is not compulsory

We’ve made this decision as some pupils with sensory and/or physical needs may need to have adjustments or adaptations made to their clothing, depending on their specific needs.  Therefore, we do not wish to place any further pressure on parents/carers nor pupils by insisting that uniform is worn.  Also, even though our uniform prices provide value, the increased cost of living that families are facing adds greater financial pressures to household budgets, and we are therefore mindful of this.  We hope this helps.

If you do require any uniform, please contact the School Office, including information and opportunities regarding second-hand uniform sales.

Uniform Price List


2/3 – 13 YRS£9.50
S – 4XL£11.00


Polo Shirt

2/3 – 13 YRS£8.50
S – 4XL£9.80



2/3 – 13 YRS£10.00
S – XL£14.00


Reversible [Waterproof] Fleece

2/3 – 13 YRS£20.00
S – XL£24.00


Fleece Jacket

2/3 – 13 YRS£13.50
S – XL£15.50