Humberston Park School is an extremely friendly and welcoming school.  Staff are highly skilled.  They know their pupils well and care passionately about them.  All staff have a precise knowledge of the needs of each pupil.  Pupils say that they love school and enjoy their learning. They feel happy and know that teachers keep them safe.


The quality of education at Humberston Park School is outstanding. Leaders, staff and governors are extremely ambitious for pupils to achieve their full potential.


Pupils’ behaviour is superb.  All areas of the school are calm.  Classrooms are structured areas where learning can take place. Independence is promoted through activities that are planned.  Staff are on hand to facilitate and develop this independence. Pupils are not worried about bullying.  They know that adults will help if other pupils are unkind to them. Day-to-day routines are established and clear. Pupils know exactly what they need to do.  Support from staff is carried out with dignity and respect.


Thank you for working hard to make the School good.  I’m glad I got to meet you.

Sixth Form Leaver

Thank you for being part of my son’s Journey.  Thanks for all the help and support over the years!  You are all special people and have a big place in our hearts.

Parent of a School Leaver

My son enjoys going to school. What more can you ask for as a parent?!

He is happy, confident and becoming more independent. He literally skips and runs into school with a smile on his face. He hugs the teacher and teaching assistants, showing huge trust on his part.

He is supported with his emotions and triggers and to express his own individual needs and wants.

He could not sit still when he first started and now he can sit to take an active part in lessons with his peers. I’m so proud of his achievements so far.

The staff are attentive and patient. They are outstanding and a credit to themselves and the school. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help when we have had issues with our son at home, suggesting strategies, and are eager to try new ideas if something doesn’t work first time.  We trust the school implicitly to care for our son, to meet his needs and continually strive to help him reach his full potential. It is a fun, safe, nurturing environment. We could not ask for more and would have no hesitation in recommending it to other parents.


It is an absolute honour and pleasure to work with such a dedicated, empowering and forward thinking school and leadership team.

I wanted to give something back to the school to thank them for providing such a positive learning experience to my son who attends the school.

The work has provided a great insight into the complex workings of the school from behind the scenes. I have seen such a transformation over the past few years which is testament to the focus on new innovative approaches and staff wellbeing, to name but a few.

Despite it being a voluntary role it has provided me with the opportunity for personal growth and continuous professional development.

The sense of achievement and reward is worth every minute and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has an enthusiasm in children’s overall education.

Chair of Trustees

My friend’s daughter continues to make progress under the stewardship of Richard and his devoted and committed professional team at the school, and it is uplifting that any contributions I make go towards the benefit of all pupils/students.

I’ll continue to support the school, and wish Richard and his dedicated team continued success as they systematically prepare and plan for future achievements.

Family Sponsor