At Humberston Park School we have staff trained to give guidance and advice on sleep issues that may be affecting your son/daughter.

Kelly Mitchell is our Senior Lead Advisor. Kelly would be your first point of contact. We have several Sleep Counsellors across the School who will advise best approaches relative to the age of your child.

Working with one of our Sleep Counsellors

Your child’s link person and class team lead will work closely with our Sleep Counsellors; you can speak with them if you are having sleep difficulties with your child. They will then start the process gaining information that will support the Sleep Counsellor with setting up a sleep plan for your child. They will take a sleep history, which will include questions about evening and daytime routines, what your child’s bedroom is like, and any night-time behaviour. They may also ask you to keep sleep diaries. All of this helps give a full overview of the existing sleep problem and how best to support your family.

The Sleep Counsellor will put together a ‘sleep plan’ for your son/daughter: this is tailored around your child and the family dynamics. Our Sleep Counsellors are trained to support parents and carers by giving specific, tried and tested behavioural and cognitive techniques adapted to the child’s night-time behaviours.

The Sleep Counsellor will continue to check in with you regularly, either in a face-to-face meeting or over the phone/Teams, to monitor how things are going and help with any issues that may arise.