School Dinners

The cost of a meal is £1.85 per day for pupils in Year 3 – Year 6

The cost of a meal is £2.00 per day for pupils in Year 7 – Year 14

School meals are universally free until the end of Year 2.

The price includes a hot meal or salad, plus a pudding.

You may be entitled to Free School Meals, so please look at the information in the download below.

The Admin Team are happy to support you to complete the form.  Should you require a hard copy or any kind of help, please contact us on 01472 590645.

Please return your completed form to the School Office.


To help you and/or your child see and choose what choices are available each day during a term, please see the weekly menus below.  Our Catering Team have designed a three-week rotating menu to provide a wide-range of healthy eating choices and opportunities to try/taste new foods they may not have experienced before.  These menus run throughout the term but on occasions, they may be changed at half-term, and you’ll find the new menus here…so check back here regularly.