Our School improvement and self-evaluation is driven forwards through three key domains:

Transdisciplinarity & Learning – Professional Practice – Leadership

All three domains ensure Humberston Park School continues to explore and embed creative, outcome-orientated excellence.  Our School improvement and self-evaluation addresses 12 areas that we see as non-negotiable in helping to provide the very best quality of pupil experience.

‘Within-Between-Beyond’: Ensuring excellent experiences through inclusion and transdisciplinary working


For 2022-2024, both our self-evaluation and School improvement are guided by inclusive inquiry questions relative to the above framework.

Why we value your feedback

Feedback from all the people we work with, and for, is invaluable in the context of our School improvement.  It provides diverse perspectives and insights that contribute to the development and implementation of best practices.  Your feedback plays a crucial role in our development and improvement planning by not only offering a range of views, but it helps us inform our decision-making, enhances relationships, promotes engagement, and also fosters a culture of continuous and transparent improvement.  We believe that because we actively seek and respond to your feedback, we are better positioned to create positive, engaging and effective learning environments, improving Humberston Park School as we go.

Below are some key features highlighting the value of your feedback in our continued improvement:

  1. Diverse Perspectives

Key people, including pupils, parents/carers, staff, and community members, offer a range of views.  Their various experiences and viewpoints help provide a comprehensive understanding of our School’s strengths and areas for improvement.

  1. Identification of Areas for Improvement

Feedback helps us identify specific areas within the School that may need improvement.  This involvement can help identify academic, social, and/or organisational aspects that may require our attention and development.

  1. Informed Decision-Making

Your feedback helps inform our decision-making.  We can make better informed choices based on the input from those directly involved, ensuring that improvements align with the actual needs and priorities of those in the communities we support.

  1. Enhanced School-Community Relationships

We strongly believe that asking for and valuing all feedback fosters a positive School-Community relationship.  We think it demonstrates that Humberston Park School values the opinions and contributions of its various stakeholders, creating a sense of collaboration and shared responsibility for improvement.

  1. Ownership and Engagement

We think that involving you in the improvement process promotes a sense of ownership and engagement.  If you know that your feedback matters, you may be more likely to actively contribute to and support initiatives aimed at enhancing what we do.

  1. Tailored Interventions

Feedback allows for the development of tailored interventions. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of different stakeholder groups enables schools to implement targeted strategies that address specific challenges.

  1. Alignment with Real-World Needs

Feedback ensures that our School improvement efforts align with real-world needs.  This alignment is crucial for preparing the pupils for the challenges they will face beyond Humberston Park School, making improvements more meaningful, relevant and impactful.

  1. Continuous Improvement Culture

Establishing a culture of continuous improvement is facilitated by your ongoing feedback.  Your regular contributions create a feedback loop that enables us to adapt and refine our practices over time, encouraging continuous growth.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation

Your feedback serves as a valuable tool for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our School improvement initiatives.  Regular reviews of progress are carried out by comparing ongoing feedback against established benchmarks and targets and goals we set ourselves.

  1. Enhanced Accountability

The feedback loop promotes accountability at various levels within Humberston Park School and the Local Authority.  It holds all leaders of our School, including Trustees, and leaders in the Local Authority, accountable for responding to identified needs and encourages all stakeholders to actively contribute to the overall success of the School.

  1. Positive School Climate

Asking for your feedback contributes to a positive School climate.  We know that when you feel heard and valued, it enhances overall satisfaction and creates a more supportive, open and collaborative atmosphere.