At Humberston Park School we believe that reading should be a fundamental part of all our pupils learning. It is a crucial skill which should be developed to support lifelong learning. We acknowledge that reading can only be purposeful if it is motivating and accessible.

Reading to a child for 30 minutes everyday from birth provides 1000 hours of listening to stories before even starting school!

Reading to a child daily promotes positive relationships as they begin to associate story time with undivided attention, embracing parents/teachers love for stories and begins to fuse the pleasure of reading with comfort.  It also encourages a child to focus, attend and talk about something shared.  These are all crucial pre-requisites to learning.

Reading for pleasure can provide access to a breadth of vocabulary, fostering a deep understanding of language, all whilst building excitement and providing knowledge of places/people/creatures.

We carefully select our Golden and Old books as children thrive from repetition: as a School, we provide all our class teams with the New and Bold stories as they provide narrative structure, they have strong messages and they also support emotional literacy.

Stories can provide knowledge on characters and creatures as it promotes a child to ‘inhabit the mind of others’ and understand that different people have different experiences and how they overcome all these twists and turns.  All this is done without any explicit teaching! This is why, at Humberston Park School we have created a culture where we have daily story time and we read to the pupils from the beginning of their journey at our School… all the way to the end.

“The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” (Dr. Seuss)

We are creating an inclusive community of readers by offering bespoke packages to enable enjoyable access to and experiences of reading for pleasure.

Below are some examples of how we do this:

Sensory Stories

Sensory stories bring carefully identified texts to life by exploration of senses.  Using various items that mirror what is happening in the story embraces the pupils to be immersed in their story experience through touch, smell, taste, sound and vision.

story stack

Story Sacks

Story sacks include items and objects related to the story to extend the telling of a story by providing a more accessible method. Benefits of story sacks include that the items in the sacks can be personalised to meet individual needs or interests. Story sacks ignite a pupil’s imagination whilst simultaneously allowing children to engage in a small world, problem-solving and increased creativity.

Story boards

Story Boards

We use story boards to provide visual representations of stories: pupils’ learning is enabled to develop deeper understanding of characters and key events in stories.  Story boards support the pupils to acquire sequential understanding and organisational skills relative to their needs and cognitive levels.

tactile books

Tactile Books

Used for the development of literacy skills with pupils who are visually impaired, including children with other significant disabilities. Tactile books support understanding and anticipation of activities or act as an independent leisure skill. Tactile books support literacy instruction, for use in developing concepts and honing sensory efficiency skills whilst embracing pupils’ interests and passions.

Audio Books

Provide the opportunity for pupils to access reading for pleasure independently.  Research also states that audiobooks are beneficial for pupils in terms of enjoyment, emotional literacy and emotional intelligence.  Their very nature enables most pupils, regardless of their reading ability, to access and explore the wonderful world of stories whilst enhancing vocabulary.

independent reading

Independent Reading

Here at Humberston Park School we use the Read Write Inc programme: this supports selected pupils to become fluent and confident readers by following a sequential programme.  Children begin to read books carefully matched to the sounds they have been taught.  Selected books are given to each pupil dependent on previously taught sounds to ensure they can read the stories independently and confidently to promote pleasure in reading, all whilst enhancing self-esteem.

Gold & Old
New & Bold

In order to embrace the ‘classics’, Humberston Park School has developed Gold & Old. Stories are selected and shared with class teams to support pupils’ knowledge of patterns, rhyme and anticipation as well as embracing pupils’ ‘high likes’ to promote their love for reading. New & Bold is based on stories about self, where pupils can see themselves in the story. These can include therapeutic stories around their experiences to promote diversity, and also expose pupils to new vocabulary and potential new ‘high likes’ to sustain engagement in stories.