At Humberston Park we use Read Write Inc. as our Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme: this is used support the teaching of pupils’ early reading, comprehension and writing skills across all year groups.

Pupils are taught in small Read Write Inc. phonics groups and/or individually with Fast Track Tutoring; breaking down the programme into small, incremental steps to help our pupils who need that extra support.

Reasonable adaptations have been applied to the range of resources, and implementation of the RWI scheme is aided by our allocated Ruth Miskin Reading Expert and our Literacy Advisor, Melissa Farrow-Browne.

Sources can include pictoral resources to support non-verbal learners as well as using alternative augmentative communication [AAC] devices including Eyegaze systems.  Adaptations are personalised to each learner to ensure each pupil can fulfil their potential with phonics whilst still following the sequential steps Read Write Inc specify.

At Humberston Park School we have annual training events provided by Ruth Miskin Reading Experts as well as frequent internal training delivered by our Literacy Advisor.  This ensures practise is consistent with the routines and behaviours necessary for each activity to promote the pupils to read, write and spell with fluency.  Staff are provided with daily opportunities for monitoring, coaching and reviewing, to support their continual professional learning and development.

We prioritise the facilitation of reading in the Core of our Learning Model at HPS, and ensure relevant staff have the knowledge and passion to teach identified cohorts to read regardless or age, background or needs.

Each pupil is assessed every 6-8 weeks by our Literacy Advisor, with support of the class team, to ensure they are in the correct groupings, working on relevant and meaningful steps, and to make any adaptations required for the individual.

All phonics books are carefully selected to match the pupil’s phonic knowledge and decoding skills to promote habit, fluency and motivation.

In addition to pupils having access to decodable books matched to their phonics knowledge, at Humberston Park School we are also advocates for ‘reading for pleasure’ and ensure pupils have daily story time across all year groups.

Please refer to Reading for Pleasurefor more information.

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If you would like to know more information about your son/daughter’s progress please contact your child’s Class Team Lead in the first instance who will then arrange a meeting in School or virtually to discuss things further.