Our Future: ‘Within-Between-Beyond’

It is important that our future offer is sustainable and relevant to all in an ever-changing world.  We think, that by…

…ensuring meaningful life experiences through inclusion and transdisciplinary working…

…it is important to all those people we work in partnership with that we look ‘within’ our communities, the School, our teams, our class bases and phases and the local authority, and use key information and evidence to continually improve what we do.

Building collaboration ‘between’ all those involved in the lives of the children and young people at Humberston Park School, their families and their communities, will ensure a better inclusive and supportive future, where the promotion of social fairness and equitable opportunities is the new norm.

And we also need to look and explore ‘beyond’ traditions, expected norms and boundaries to be more creative and innovate practice and services.

How we keep improving ‘Within-Between-Beyond’…

Our School improvement and development is driven forwards through three key areas: Leadership, Transdisciplinarity & Learning and Professional Practice.  All three areas ensure we continue to explore and embed creative, outcome-orientated health, care and educational excellence.

Our Leadership Team ensure that ethical purpose, professional learning and community collaboration, wellbeing of staff and pupils and quality assurance processes support environments for creative and enjoyable learning, a workplace that is professional, mindful and caring, and the promotion of social fairness reaches across communities and the region.

Transdisciplinarity and learning at Humberston Park School is underpinned by a culture of reflection and continuing development of the best environments for learning for the range of pupils’ needs.  Staff are skilled in using a variety of meaningful and relevant facilitation and delivery approaches and understanding effective learning behaviours to help motivate pupils to succeed.

Our focus on professional practice is constantly ensuring that we engage with all key people on a regular basis, engage with evidence-based research, personalised assessment and curriculum design that is appropriate and under continual review to meet all aspects of the pupils’ personal needs at any time.