For Humberston Park School, fundraising is essential to help provide comprehensive, inclusive and personalised support for our pupils, ensuring they have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive physically, medically, socially, emotionally and academically. 

As such, fundraising for Humberston Park is significantly important for several reasons…

  • Financial Support

Humberston Park School has unique needs and requirements that current DfE funding does not fully cover.  Fundraising helps bridge the financial gap, providing resources for specialised equipment, therapies, and programs tailored to meet the diverse and complex needs of our pupils.

  • Enhanced Programs

Fundraising enables us to offer enhanced programs beyond the basics mandated by government funding.  This could include extracurricular activities, vocational training, life skills programs, and therapeutic interventions that enrich the health, care and educational experience for the pupils.

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity

Fundraising helps us support initiatives aimed at improving accessibility and inclusivity within our School environments.  This may involve installing ramps, new playground surfaces, outdoor canopies, sensory rooms, or other accommodations to ensure that every pupil at Humberston Park can fully participate in inclusive learning activities, creative experiences and feel safe and welcomed.

  • Staff Development

Specialist training for our staff is essential for effective support for pupils with such complex, profound and severe physical and medical needs.  Fundraising helps provide us with better resources for professional development workshops, certifications, and conferences to ensure that all our staff are equipped with the latest strategies and techniques for working with the complex range of pupils we have here at Humberston Park.

  • Technology and Resources

Assistive technology and specialised resources play a significant role in facilitating learning and communication for pupils at Humberston Park. Fundraising efforts can help us acquire these tools, whether it’s communication devices, adaptive software, or sensory equipment, to optimise the learning experiences for our pupils.

  • Community Engagement

Fundraising activities also help us foster increased community engagement and support: by involving families, local businesses, and other key people in fundraising events, the School builds a network of support that extends beyond financial contributions, creating a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for the success of the pupils.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to find out more about current fundraising opportunities, or if you have an idea about developing a fundraising opportunity with us, please contact:

Gemma Rylatt, School Business Manager on 01472 590645 or email

Current Projects

  • Project ‘MOVEment for Learning and life’ 

Humberston Park School is seeking £45 000 funding to enable us to provide specialist postural equipment to support our pupils’ development across sitting, standing and walking, helping each child achieve their development goals.

Funding for this project is essential because it will enable those pupils with complex physical and medical needs to be inclusive members of their communities in School, at home and out and about.  This equipment opens up a wide range of opportunities and freedoms for each child to play, learn and achieve their outcomes and aspirations: case studies are available on request.  We currently have 43 pupils in our School with a complex physical disability in need of specialist equipment.  Not all pupils need new equipment every year but each child’s programme is ongoing as they grow and their needs change.  Each piece of specialist equipment ranges between £2 000-£3 000.

Humberston Park School is funded for 190 days just like other schools, but we receive no extra funding for such expensive specialist equipment; the money comes directly from our School budget and we are unable to fully fund this equipment on a sustainable basis without extra funding.

  • Project ‘Within Between Beyond’

We are seeking funding for our upcoming project, Within-Between-Beyond, which centres on an innovative and unique extended School year.  This project originally started in 2009 and each year we have built on the success of the previous year.  In our preliminary research, we discovered how much our pupils regressed during the long summer holiday period and that families struggled with their child at home due to behaviours and the parents’ fundamental need for respite.  With little to no respite available in the local area for many of our children due to their complex needs and the lack of external trained professionals, there was a requirement for our specialist provision delivered by very highly-trained staff to be developed and delivered over the normal August school closure period.

Funding this project is essential as the provision offers continuity and consistency of routine which is really important for our pupils and indeed their families.  Critical therapy interventions can also continue, including Speech and Language Therapy, Physiotherapy, Rebound Therapy and Hydrotherapy.  Our provision offer also supports parents/carers in meeting the complex needs of their son/daughter.

We are seeking £255183 in total funding each year to continue this important provision at Humberston Park School.

This financial support will allow us to fully staff the project, provide cooked meals for all pupils who would receive a free school meal during term time, and enable all pupils to be transported into School on specially adapted vehicles.