Useful information for Ofsted

Name Date File Size  
6th Form Admissions Criteria 15th Mar 201742 KB Download
Accessibility Plan 15th Mar 201766 KB Download
Admission and Initial Assessment 15th Mar 201742 KB Download
Board of Trustees 31st Oct 201737 KB Download
British Value Statement 27th Jul 201763 KB Download
Charging and Remission policy 15th Mar 201738 KB Download
Discipline Challenging Behaviour & Posti... 15th Mar 2017153 KB Download
Financial Statement 2016 15th Mar 20172 MB Download
Governors attendance at meetings 31st Oct 201714 KB Download
Local Offer 15th Mar 2017508 KB Download
Pecuniary Interest 12th Jul 201740 KB Download
Reference and administration details 201... 31st Oct 201713 KB Download
SDP 2016-18 - 14-10-16 - updated 20-06-1... 13th Jul 201792 KB Download
Terms of reference for the Finance Commi... 31st Oct 201790 KB Download
Terms of Reference for the Governing Bod... 31st Oct 2017214 KB Download