Pupil Progress

Pupil Progresss

'Pupil's achievement is outstanding.  The skills they master in communication, physical development and in social and personal development often astound their parents and are a source of great joy.'  Ofsted 2015

Pupil's Achievement is 'outstanding' because:-

  • Pupils demonstrate P level progress across subjects  using CASPA
  • Pupils demonstrate progress using tools such as MY DAY  and assessments which measure progress which is not measured by P scales
  • Pupils demonstrate lateral progress in different settings as measured by MY Day
  • Our pupils do not have attainment comparable to N.C. age related expectations. However
    Pupils demonstrate good achievement not only in linear areas measured by P scales but also in terms of lateral progression and functional development. The ongoing emphasis on Engagement has assisted measurable progress in areas not covered by P scales and the  work of the  Speech and Language Therapist and Physiotherapist in developing staff skills in Integrated Practice will assist pupils to make lateral progress.

Comparative data [CASPA]

Whole school 2014

Across the school the percentage of pupils achieveing expected and above expected scores in P scale assessments have increased in Reading, Using and Applying, Number and Science.

Need Groups

Pupils in the PMLD need group have increased their percentage scores across all but on subject strand (Using and Applying) from previous years to between 95 and 100 of pupils within or above expected scores.

Pupils in the ASD group have increased percentage scores withing and above expected range in four of the nine strands, staying the same in two of the strands.

Pupils in the PD group increased the percentage scores withing and above expected range in six of the nine strands and maintained the percentage in two of the other strands.

'Assessments of pupils' needs are very thorough.  They are used to make precise plans which promote learning and progress extremely effectively.'  Ofsted 2015 

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