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Physio Hub

Physiotherapy Service

The Physiotherapy service within Humberston Park School works with the children within the school environment.  They work in partnership with the school and parents to provide, where appropriate or where indicated, specialist assessment, posture management advice, integrated MOVE goals, individualised physiotherapy programme, support orthotic and wheelchair clinic and provide training and to support the staff team.

The Physiotherapist works in close partnership with the community paediatric physiotherapy team, to ensure a seamless service is delivered for each child. 

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy is the use of a trampoline for therapeutic effects in children with physical and learning impairments.

It works on the child's core stability and challenges balance, strength and co-ordination that cannot always be achieved on land, for example a child with more significant disability can use the rebound effect to achieve a movement that they cannot achieve on land.


Humberston Park School is a MOVE centre of excellence.

Humberston Park School encourages all pupils to gain as much independence as possible in all aspects of their lives.  One of the most important aspects of independence is the ability to move.  As a school we place great importance on our MOVE (Movement Opportunities  via Education) curriculum.  The MOVE programme enables children with physical impairments to improve their skills in independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring through functional goals.  School also places great emphasis on training and have several move trainers who can train other staff practitioner level.


Humberston Park has a specialist team of staff who support all classes and work alongside a school based therapist

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